Once in awhile, a blogger needs to say Thanks for Your Support.

Ridiculous flamingo

You may not realize it, but blogging generally costs a little bit of money, and it is not always flowing money in my house.. (lol)

So, although I enjoy blogging quite a bit, I do seek money based activities for a lot of space on my page. In other words- affiliate links. These are the ads you see on the side and bottom of my pages.

You may also see that links for some products take you to a vendor page. It is highly probable that I have a relationship with that vendor, in some way.

Specifically Amazon. When you click my Amazon links, and make a purchase, more often than not, I will make a small commission on that sale. Not every time. They limit it to Amazon shipped items, and exclude a whole list of things.

Now the commission is usually pretty small- a few percentages of your total purchase, but it is appreciated. The price you pay does not go up because you clicked, and I don’t rake in millions when it happens.

However, I thank you for your support if you have clicked from here and made a purchase. A few quarters here and there add up. They pay out monthly, and it is credited to my account, so if you bought something, the discount goes to my next purchase of whatever..

What do I buy? A lot of items to review.. still. even though I now pay something for review items, I am very selective about the items.. and your support helps fund that.

It also buys chlorine removing shampoo for my daughter’s swim class, so her hair doesn’t turn green.

It buys cold medicine when someone is sick in my house.

It buys dog food and tea for me to get up early and blog on the weekends.

It pays for a giant flamingo to review.

It helps offset the cost of an Amazon Prime membership (heavily used in our house.)

It helps slightly offset the cost of running my blog every year.

It doesn’t make us rich, or to live lavishly, but it legitimately helps us out for those unexpected nightmares that happen in life.

So, if I don’t say it enough- Thanks for Your Support. I couldn’t do this without you!!