I recently was on a vacation in California. I spent a very short amount of time at Seal Beach on our last day there, and was dismayed at what I saw- Seal Beach, Now With More Plastic.



Seal Beach Pier, California

Now mind you, I lived in Los Angeles for about 8 years, a long time  ago. I spent all my summers on the beaches, and was always pretty vigilant about what I brought with me. This was of course, before plastic was the nightmare that it is today. The Seal Beach I even saw 7 years ago was not coated in plastic debris. But the beach today is strewn with human residue.

I saw a truck pulling a beach rake, attempting to clean this mess up, but I suspect for a lot of the plastic I saw, it merely breaks it up and spreads it around more. Or its is too small to even be picked up. The small bits were all along the tide line, along with tons of shells and creatures. You had to launch yourself over this line to make sure you didn’t get plastic imbedded in your feet.


I was SO disgusted. I had to make sure I kept a close eye on the little person as she played in the sand, and kept encountering these nasty bits of trash.


It broke my heart. I started picking up the bigger pieces and collected a handful to dispose of. I just couldn’t walk away empty handed. If I had more time, I would have gotten myself a garbage bag and cleaned more.

It makes me so sad that we are destroying this beautiful beach and the ocean.

If you end up in California, don’t leave your plastic on the beach!

I have also read that a lot of this debris has come from storm drain runoff from the streets all over the state. So, using the proper trash receptacles EVERYWHERE in California is so important.


I would also ask, if you are out there enjoying the sun, take a garbage bag and clean up a bit yourself. It can’t hurt.

Want to do more?

Get involved in a Beach Cleanup. Here are some organizations that get folks together to clean our beaches:

Save Our Beach


Can’t get to a beach? Donate to one of these organizations that advocate for our oceans and ocean creatures:


Sea Shepherd Society 

The Dolphin Project


I did not receive any sponsorship or incentives to mention the above organizations. This blog post is inspired by the mess the ocean is becoming due to humans and their plastic. Please do your part, if you can.