There are several affiliates that I work with that have been very satisfying. Most are on ShareaSale.


You can work with just about any kind of online retailer on this site. They have frequent emails on campaigns, special deals for posting certain content. All in all, it has been my most consistent method of making money with my blogs. You can work as hard as you want, or as little, and the income will reflect this.




I had another blog back in the day, and here was my experience with monetizing back then.

Monetizing a blog

It is funny- I haven’t updated the site in months, but I still get hits, so why take it down?

3. Product reviews and sponsorships.

You may find that there are companies that will still pay for reviews and promotions, but the competition is fierce. The best blogs should have no trouble attracting these kinds of companies. You have to deliver high quality work, clicks and sales to keep those coming in.

4. Ad space

If you are a niche blog, you can probably attract companies to advertise on your site. Let them know your space is open and you might even want to spell out the rates. These are super easy income makers for everyone. 


I will update the list from time to time so keep checking!