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I am simply loving the LG Twin Wash system at Best Buy.

Here is my life:

It is 6 pm, we have just washed the dog, and I am exhausted. The kid has a new tie dye shirt that she NEEDS for school the next day.

I have a pile of stinky towels that were used to wash the dog, in a basket in my bathroom. I need to wash both of these loads, but I have only a few hours to get it all taken care of.

I work! I can’t be doing laundry all my life.

You know that a stinky pile of dog towels is going to stink even worse if you wait, not to mention possibly mildew up.

What to do? With this new LG Twin Wash system, you have the ability to do 2 loads at once!

How, what? OMG!

This machine is a full size front load washer with a special area that holds 1 cubic foot of clothing, to do a smaller load at the EXACT SAME TIME.

What magic is this?

No magic. Just great engineering. They have a winning combination.

The washer is above, and the mini sidekick washer is tucked away in a cute little drawer below. This means your washer that you will load to the gills 150 times a week is at an ergonomic height for you!

And are you giving up on features to have this sidekick washer below? No. You get features like a turbo wash and turbo steam to get your clothes done faster than normal, to let you WASH MORE CLOTHES! ( ok- this is not my dream, but it is my reality.)

There is a matching dryer that you can purchase as well. It is a great way to make laundry less of a chore.


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So run, don’t walk to get the LG Twin Wash system at Best Buy today.