okra recipe
Lazy Fried Okra Recipe

We recently joined a CSA here in Phoenix. They have a weekly delivery of a veggie and fruit box, and I was super excited to see what would be inside.

We have a collection of greens, but before I tackle those, I have a huge bag of beautiful sustainably grown okra on my mind.

My daughter has never had okra, so it was about time she tried it! I wanted to make it with a super lazy recipe, and one that was not “too spicy” which is a complaint often in our house.

Here is how we made our Lazy Fried Okra


Fresh okra

2 cups of flour (loosely)

sprinkle of garlic powder

sprinkle of Himalayan salt

2 handfuls of crushed up Ghost and Bat potato chips from Trader Joes (any chips will do though)

Olive oil

Paper towels to absorb the grease


We started by crushing our chips and adding them to the flour. We sprinkled in the garlic powder and the Himalayan salt.





We mixed up 2 eggs. Mostly 2 because that was all we had in the fridge.

2 eggs




We chopped the ends off the okra, and chopped it into decent chunky slices. It helps cook it faster this way and gives more surface area for the gooey stuff on the outside.

organic okra
Organic okra


This is how it looks after we dip the okra in the eggs, and then dump it all into the flour.

okra read to fry
Chopped okra, coated in eggs and flour


Next we made sure the olive oil was good and hot. We added the okra. Realized we needed more oil.. lol.

I didn’t use a specific timer to cook these.

I basically waited until the oil and coating got to be a bit on the golden brown side. I tested one, was happy and BINGO!

Okra in olive oil
Frying okra


We had fried okra. I placed several layers of paper towels on my plate, sprinkled the okra with more sea salt and let the extra paper absorb the oils.

It was so good.

Lazy fried okra recipe
Fried okra


In the end, I wasn’t sure how the kiddo felt about the lazy fried okra. She made some funny faces as she realized all the textures and flavors.. but in the end, she ate a whole bowl of the orka. That means she likes it.

Lazy Fried Okra wins the day. HOORAY!