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I cannot tell you how much I hate it when blogs are part of Christmas creep… and yet, here I am. I adore the Janie and Jack – Me and Mommy collection, and felt we needed to see it.

Mainly because I think it won’t last…

Watch the Best of J&J Holiday Collection Me and Mommy Video

So, yes- there is even a video.



Me and Mommy outfits have to be my ultimate favorites. I love dressing up the same as my daughter. She loves it too.

Shop Janie and Jack today!

What to expect from this Janie and Jack – Me and Mommy collection?

  • Styles for girls and boys  in sizes 0–12 years
  • Prices ranging from $7–$129
  • Women’s styles in sizes 0–16
  • prices ranging from $26–$169

You can dress like your kids for those great family holiday photo cards. We pick a fun theme each year, and this could be a great one for your family.

Janie and Jack Reveals New Holiday Collection Inspired By Special Seasonal Celebrations

So what are you waiting for? What? Free shipping? Yes- you get free shipping over $100.

Plan those photos and outfits today with the Janie and Jack – Me and Mommy collection!