Written by Nat Smith, Rover.com community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.


How to Find the Right Pet Sitter for the Holidays


It’s easy to get overwhelmed when the holidays roll around. The season of joy and giving can often feel like the season of stress and being stretched too thin. And if you have a dog, you might feel even more frazzled. Leaving town means looking for a pet-sitter at the busiest time of year. Stay home, and you’re likely too busy to take your dog on one walk a day, let alone three.

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No one says you have to do it all on your own, and there’s nothing wrong with finding help. Rover.com makes the whole process easy. The site is reputable and selective, screening all potential sitters, and runs background checks. They also offer 24/7 sitter support, insure each stay, and process payments securely. Plus, there are lots of great local options, wherever you are.


First, you’ll set up your own profile. Add a few photos of your pet, describe their personality, and state what kinds of people get along best with your dog. This will help sitters self-select when they respond to your requests.


Then, browse through sitter profilesbeing sure to filter by availabilityand look for anyone who might be a good fit for your pet. You can read past reviews, reach out and ask questions, and schedule meet-and-greets with any candidates who seem promising. It’s a process of building trust, and you want someone who can bond well with your pet.

Planning a holiday extravaganza at your place? Book a dog walker to drop by daily and take your dog on a long walk. Animals sense human stress, and they get overwhelmed too. The last thing you need is an illness or meltdown caused by holiday overwhelm!


Finding the best pet-sitter is all about looking for a strong connection, and helping it grow into a tight bond. If you have an active puppy, look for a high-energy sitter who can keep up. Social animals may thrive in homes with existing pets. Just be sure to do a test run to make sure everyone gets along!


Don’t feel obligated to hire the first person you meet. If they don’t seem up to the job, keep looking. But if they meet your expectations, communicate clearly, and are able to connect with your pet, you’ve found a good match. During the stay, you can check in frequently to find out how your pet is doing, get photos, and answer any questions that arise. Don’t be afraid to be direct if you have a concern about your pet’s health, or anything else. That way, they’ll know exactly what to look out for, and how to fulfill your pet’s needs on every level.


There’s no better expert than you when it comes to knowing your pet, which makes you more than qualified to select a temporary companion. Trust your gut, and don’t let your dog’s wellbeing add stress to the season. They’ll have a great time, and you’ll rest easy knowing they’re safe and happy.


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