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Have you visited cars.com?


I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my car over the last week.

I have had my Prius in the shop for repairs from a fender bender I was in last month. Luckily, the other person’s insurance company has been paying for a rental while my car is being fixed. I ended up driving a lower end compact, and thought I was losing my mind while driving this vehicle.

I won’t name names, but it was not a Toyota.

Not my Toyota

I thought it would be interesting to research the car I am renting on cars.com for giggles. I was having a weird experience with acceleration and with the steering, and wondered if it was just that I was used to the Prius, or did this car really have terrible handling.

I was able to go on the website, search easily for the car I was renting, and look at the reviews, as well as pros and cons from the cars.com professionals.

Low and behold, the car had complaints regarding acceleration and steering! It also had HALF the gas mileage I am used to.

So- the great thing about cars.com, to me anyway, is the ability to find info, in a few clicks, about any car you can get.

It combines safety ratings, reviews and technical specifications all in one place. These are priceless when you are trying to decide what kind of car to buy, or rent.. or not to in my case.

I also like the recall information they list. Right now, my car is pretty new. I am on mailing lists for recalls, and receive them quickly. But I have found that with older cars, and used cars, the recall info is spotty to my home. I can go on cars.com and review the information as I wish.

This is also not my car, but if you need a Bentley, you can find out where to buy this one on Cars.com

What else can I do on cars.com?

  • Find vehicles for sale in my area
  • Find service centers for my vehicle
  • Discover advice on repairs and service
  • Buy parts for cars online
  • Sell a car

There is really a ton of information on their site. If you are interested in cars, or just need information about cars, the cars.com site is a one stop shop for everything you will ever need to know.