Fun and Unique Pregnancy Announcements

If you are trying to conceive and you are thinking about ways to announce your pregnancy whether it is to surprise your husband or boyfriend or your family members, why not get creative in the process? Calling your husband to tell him the news is so 20th century, and the same goes for you calling your friends and family members when you are ready to make the announcement.


Even announcing the pregnancy on Facebook in a text is not that interesting. If you want to announce your pregnancy to your Facebook friends and Instagram followers, then be creative- the same way you can be in person! Below are some examples of fun and unique ways of announcing a pregnancy, which can be inspiring to you:


  1. One woman wanted to play Scrabble with her husband and spelled out the words “You are going to be a daddy” and put her positive pregnancy test on the side. You can do something similar if you are playing Scrabble with your friends and family, and take a picture of it to put on Facebook and Instagram by simply saying “A new addition to the family will be arriving on (whatever the due date is)”, or “We are going to be parents” or whatever you choose to say. Using Scrabble to make a pregnancy announcement is quite cool to do.


  1. Another creative pregnancy announcement that happened was when one woman said that she had a family picnic, and asked her mother in law and father in law to go to the oven and see if there is anything left in there. What they found in the oven was a bun, which confused them for a while. However, after the woman told them to tell her what they found, which was “a bun in the oven,” it caught on after they said it out loud. You can do this if you get pregnant during the warmer months, and you can share a picture of a bun in the oven on your social media profiles when you are ready to tell the world.


  1. Another cool announcement was when a woman took a fortune cookie and used tweezers to pull out the existing fortune. She then inserted the fortune that she had typed up that stated, “You will be a daddy in September” and she had given that fortune cookie to her husband. If you want to use this for your parents, then you can type on the slip that their fortune is a grandchild in the future. You can even buy these customized fortune cookies online!


  1. One woman created her shopping list for her husband, so she put down food items such as baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby spinach, and added a Gerber baby food item. When he caught on, imagine his surprise! She showed him the pregnancy test. When you are ready to announce the pregnancy to the world, you can take a picture of your latest grocery list since people take pictures of anything random on social media. And then be sure to make sure the baby food jar phrase is in the picture. That is a cool way to announce a pregnancy!


  1. A cool way to announce to your friends and family is if you go to Build A Bear and have clothes on the bear with the baby’s due date. Show it to your friends and family, and you can take pictures of it to post on social media.


  1. Another great announcement to use for your family and friends is if you are planning an Easter egg hunt. Be sure to put the pregnancy announcement on one of the eggs that will be hidden. Eventually, it will be found, and when it is everyone will know!


  1. Another cute way to announce a pregnancy is if you already have a child, have your child either announce it for you that he or she will be a big brother, or put on a shirt on the child that says, “I will be a big brother/sister”. You can do it to surprise your husband, or when you are ready to announce, surprise your friends by taking pictures of the child wearing that shirt!


  1. If you find out that you are pregnant when you are closer to eight weeks and you want to surprise your husband, you can have an ultrasound done, and if it looks good, you can put on the photo printout, “I can’t wait to meet you, Daddy”. Or if you want to announce the pregnancy to others, you can take a picture of it, put on the print-out “I can’t wait to meet you”. That is a creative way to announce that you are pregnant!


  1. Another way to surprise your husband about your pregnancy is to put a piece of paper inside a cupcake that he will be a daddy, and have him eat it. When he notices the paper inside, he will be shocked! You can do this as well if you want to announce the pregnancy to your family this way. You can have them over for dessert and put pieces of paper inside of their cupcakes announcing the pregnancy. That is a cool surprise!


  1. Last but not least, another way to surprise your husband is if you are making dinner, be sure to put an extra plate at the third seat on the table. He will wonder why it is there, and then you can show him the pregnancy test. You can also do this for family and friends by having them over for a meal and place an extra plate by a chair that is not being used. They will ask why it is there, then you can make the announcement.


There are hundreds of creative ways to announce a pregnancy whether you want to make the announcement to your husband or boyfriend first, or you want to surprise your friends and family. However, these are just some ideas to help spark your imagination!!