Making an Easy Wreath With Lights was not on my agenda, but there I found myself. I was at Michaels, standing in front of $2 wreaths, thinking what I might do with them.

I decided to pick up stuff so I could make and easy wreath, and so could my daughter. All the trimmings were 50-70% off.. so I figured it would be a cheap and fun project.

Well, cheap no, but fun was yes!

I started with the mess on the table.


I got a few of those pick looking inserts. The reindeer was supposed to be mine.. the idea was a reindeer, matching flower and the twine for me.


Like this! But she stole my reindeer.



I tried to bribe her with a set of Micro LED lights. I reviewed these lights way way back (there were 2 strings in the box.) They are really long lasting and they fit this small wreath perfectly.

In pink.

Battery operated.

She wanted them, of course she did.

But she was not giving up the reindeer. 



Ohhh lala. But she wasn’t giving me the reindeer.



I showed her how to put on the little red bows, after I wrapped the wreath in silver garland and the lights.



She did a pretty good job herself.



But the reindeer was hers.



She put this little glittery red flower on .

Easy Wreath With Lights
Easy Wreath With Lights


I had just enough twine to make a hanger for her, and used the last bow to tie it together to be more festive.

We put it on her doorknob so she could put the lights on herself. They are long lasting, and don’t get hot, so if she forgets to turn them off it isn’t a big deal.


I think they turned out pretty nice. The hardest part of my Easy Wreath With Lights was giving up my reindeer. I guess I need to go back and get one for myself now.