Easy Peasy Mac-N-Cheesy, with Chicken

My daughter is pretty content to eat plain penne pasta every day of her life. I find it bizarre, but she never tires of it. She doesn’t even want it heated up. Just cold plain noodles. It boggles the imagination.

I personally can’t eat pasta alone..both from a boredom standpoint, and for the carbs. It knocks me out, there is way too much sugar involved.

I was lazy one night and decided to compromise.

Easy Peasy Mac-N-Cheesy, with Chicken was born.

I had a can of Kirkland chicken in the cupboard. I love this stuff because it is incredibly versatile and easy to use. It also lasts forever. It is a great prepper food!

I took a can, drained the juice and dumped it in a pan.


Kirkland Signature Canned Premium Chunk Chicken Breast, 12.5 Oz, 6 Ct

Next up- the part that the kiddo loves the most- mac-n-cheese. I was even too lazy to cook her some of that brand name stuff we all have in the cupboard.. instead I whipped out a container of Trader Joes Mac n Cheese from my freezer. I microwaved it per instructions. It really would have made her happy as is, but we know that wasn’t for me.


Soooo-after this was done, I poured the mac-n- cheese into the chicken, stirred it up and we were on our way. Dinner was served.


Later I tried a different brand of the premade mac-n-cheese from the deli. We both thought it was just as good. That chicken was gobbled up by the kiddo both times I made it and we were both happy.

I added a couple tomato slices to the side of her plate both times, and we were almost healthy. Healthy. Sort of. (she does love to eat tomatoes though.)

This is a super easy school night dinner for us. I make sure to always have the ingredients on hand.

I hope you enjoy the Easy Peasy Mac-N-Cheesy, with Chicken.