Clyor Cold Relief Drops Review


I recently was asked to try a supplement from Clyor. They sent me a bottle of Seasonal 37 Cold Relief Drops, and I could not be more pleased with the product.

First off, what are the ingredients?


As you can see, it is full of goodness-

  • Echinacea Purpurea Herb
  • Red Root
  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Elderberry Fruit
  • Thyme Herb
  • Red clover Herb
  • Ginger Root
  • Lomatium Root
  • Myrrh Gum
  • Mullein Leaf


At least 2 of these ingredients is widely touted as being great for immunity and being anti viral. Now, the FDA would argue you can’t make those claims, and that is fine. But a lot of people do swear by that alone. The other ingredients are less familiar to me for voice or immunity, but I have some interesting effects from taking it.

I have a small subset office of a bigger office at work, and I share it with 2 coworkers. These two have been seriously ill over the last 2 weeks. They have had gastrointestinal issues, fevers and such illness that they both have missed at least a week or more of work.

I am at the end of my work year, and am out of sick time and vacation time, and I have been psychotic about not getting whatever it is that they have. It was perfect timing that this supplement arrived. I have been using it for over a week, four times a day, and I will tell you- I have yet to get this plague (knocks on wood.)

Is it the Clyor Cold Relief Drops?

I mean, there is really no way of knowing. Maybe it was something I have had before, and I already have immunity.  It could have been food or waterborne, but I suspect not- as one of these guys is a super healthy eater, and the other, a super unhealthy eater… I doubt they shared anything. lol

But here is the other interesting effect, and I know this one is from the drops.

Phoenix has had some really bad air quality lately. There have been PM 10 warnings and the air is brown. It is that time of year. Since I work in a warehouse where everything is open to the outside all day, we are basically breathing outside air. Yuck.

My throat has been sore, itchy and dry. By the time I head home each day, I am pretty much done talking because it is painful. (I actually thought I was getting sick at first.)

So, I mentioned I was using the drops. I noticed that for a few hours after I had them every day, my throat was not as irritated. It was not as dry and scratchy.


I was listening to some Diana Krall on the way home one day, and I noticed that I could sing along with everything.. even songs I couldn’t hit before.

The next day I was singing along with Pat Benetar, and I never really could hit her notes. I am no professional singer. My exploits are strictly in the car, but I do like singing along. But hitting those notes was new. 

It occurred to me that it was a new effect- and I am calling it the Clyor Cold Relief Drops. Then I read the whole packaging and more about the drops I was taking, and they are widely used by singers. 


I am not changing careers, but I do a lot of training, and decided that this was going to be my new drink ritual before teaching long classes. No more dry scratchy throats and constant pauses for water. 

I love this!


So, do I love this product? I do. I am not just saying it because I received compensation or other perks in order to promote it.

I will genuinely be buying this in the future when my ample bottle runs out.


So, MyItzy is definitely a fan of Clyor Cold Relief Drops

You can buy them on their website or on Amazon. If you decided to do so, tell them MyItzy sent you.

Better yet- sing it!