Wireless Bluetooth Key Finder Locator

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We have someone in our household (not me!) that constantly loses his phone and keys. It is maddening really. I have been looking to review a key finder locator for a very long time. Losing keys and phones and wallets consumes way more time and energy than I want to admit.

I think this thing is going to make our home a lot happier.

First off, the Smart & Easy Key Finder Locator arrived in great shape. (If it hadn’t of course, we would ask for a new one!)

We whipped  it out and were anxious to get it going. The digital portion was going to be used on the man of the houses’ iphone. He loaded it all himself, and got the battery in the key finder. It did not take him long at all. He got it programmed, and then attached the keys to the digital finder.


The little person of the house was tasked with hiding the keys to see if the key finder really could find keys.

We waited until she came back to the living room, breathless and grinning with mischief. She hid them well I guess. Dad did the phone magic and we heard beeping within seconds. He was able to easily find them with the chirp it made from the other end of the house. (Now we know why she was breathless.. lol.) 

It was simple. I love that it can attach to anything that accepts a lanyard. Keys don’t have to be the limit. I think he could also add this to his wallet, as it is pretty thin. Lots of uses.

I made a youtube video too- check it out.

Overall, the Smart & Easy Key Finder Locator is a pretty slick tool for our household. We have NEEDED this for a long time. Thanks for letting us try it out.