What I am reading


I love audiobooks.

What I am reading right now is all related to Stephen King in one way or another. I have read practically all of his books, and listened to many of his audiobooks.

But I need to pace myself on the ones I have yet to experience. So in between one of his, I try a book from his son Joe Hill, or a book from the ones Stephen King has suggested.


I have been completely happy with most of these alternative King books. Joe Hill has only a few books on audio, but I have read them all now.

I just finished Heart Shaped Box this morning. I have to say that this was my least favorite of all of his books, but it was still well worth the read.


My main complaint with that book was a dead spot in the early middle section that intersected with a few days off on my part. It made it hard to get back into, but once I got to the middle-end, I thought it had picked up, and I was once again pleased to be listening to it.


I won’t go into plot and such, as you can get all of that on Amazon or Audible, but it is a nice book for the car rides that I am making for 2 hours a day. It brightens that commute right up.


I recently also discovered Estories as a place to get some audio books. I have depleted the King and Hill books for free on Hoopla Digital (though my library) and I needed to pay to read a few others I wanted.

Estories had a deal for 3 months at $11.99. It was a nice deal for me, as I had exactly 3 books I needed to buy to read. HA! I am starting the first book today.

Paul Tremblay

I discovered Paul Tremblay through a Stephen King scariest book list. I did not find Head Full of Ghosts to be really scary, but the book was an easy read, interesting enough and there are more from him, which always makes me happy. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering a fantastic author, and they only have a book or two to read. I like to immerse myself in my authors, and will burn through their audio books quickly. Paul Tremblay has a nice collection of books on Estories and Audible, so I will be able to read many of his works.

He has an abrupt style of writing sometimes, and the characters, to put it mildly, can be annoying. But in spite of that, I want to keep reading the series with a bizarre main character with narcolepsy. He makes such bad choices- it is like a train wreck and you CANNOT look away.  It is a credit to his writing that in spite of how much I hate the narcoleptic gentleman, I keep reading. And reading.. lol


I am patiently/impatiently waiting for anything from Caroline Kepnes.

You: A Novel by [Kepnes, Caroline]

She has 2 books in a series that are scary, and amazing and they make me feel a little bit fan-girl ala Misery. I AM her biggest fan.  If she doesn’t write a third book in that series, I may go insane myself…


So, after the Tremblay book, I have -and no laughing- a book from Belinda Carlisle (GoGos fame.) 

What are you reading?