I got the new camera, and have been playing with it a lot. Most of my pictures are pretty boring so far, but I find a particular challenge when taking dog pictures.


The one nice one of the bunch….


My dog is a riot. She rarely sits still, and this applies doubly when the camera is out. It is like it is her mission to never have a good photo taken of her.











Annnd throw in a kid’s leg once in awhile, as I try to get her to coax the dog into a pose I can use.




I am so grateful for digital cameras when it comes to my dog. Back in the day I would have spent hundreds of dollars developing photos that would look terrible.



Now, I have the wonders of science of gifted to me. Digital photos! woohoo!

I love my dog. I am glad to get these memories with her. I wish some included nicer pictures.. lol.


Do you have trouble taking dog pictures? Is there a secret I am missing out on?