Siriusly, What Just Happened?

I just had the weirdest experience.

I bought a car a few months back and it came with a free trial subscription to Sirius XM radio for the car. I wasn’t really a huge fan of it for most of the time, but towards the end, it kind of grew on me.

Being the budget shopper that I am, I searched the web for a deal on renewal. I discovered a decent price, which several people confirmed was the lowest price you could get. 

Apparently, you get an intro offer, which you don’t take. Then wait until it is about expired, and you get an offer for about $30 or so for a 6 month subscription. The catch on this, is that at the end of that subscription you will be automatically renewed at some higher price. 

Some person discovered that they key to this, is allowing that to expire, and NOT using a credit card to pay. He suggested using a Sirius gift card to pay- which you can get at Best Buy.  Then when it ends, you go through the phone calls, the sales pitches, and eventually get another 6 months at the low price.

Great. I want that $30 deal. I renew using a Visa debit gift card that I got for Christmas. There was $40 on the card, as I had used some on Amazon already. 

No problem right?


I entered the info easily enough. It did ask for name and address for the card, but of course, as a gift card, it really doesn’t have one. I entered mine. 

A few days later the trouble started. I was not able to pay online with that card for some reason. So I chat with someone online. 

They tell me it is my browser. I can’t make that work any better, and brace myself for the phone call.



I have to say that I hate the phone sales business. The operator was hard to understand, my phone was too quiet, and I was about to have a cardiac event over all this. 

I spend 20 minutes on the phone, trying to explain to this poor person, that the gift card is not a bank card, and that no there is no address on it. She must have thought I was an idiot. She kept asking me and asking me. Confirming and reconfirming my info. 

I was about to hang up and cancel the whole thing.  The hold music alone was making me want to die. It was loud. It was blurry like a channel not tuned in all the way… this from a satellite radio company? It was horrible. 

She talks to a supervisor at some point. 

She comes back and says she is going to credit my account with the cost. I am confused. She tells me someone may call asking for money, but not to worry about it. 


She tries to sell me some “free radio” for $8 shipping. Which I decline. 

I hang up. I am so confused about what just happened to me.

I check my balance online, and low and behold, there is a credit for the prior bill. It says balance is $0.

It also says I am past due for the $34.

I am not sure what happened there either. I THINK I just got 6 months free. But I am not sure. I guess I will wait and see. 

SO is Sirius the best or the worst?

I guess time will tell. All I can say is Siriusly, What Just Happened?

Have you had an experience like this?