Are you ready for a Scratch & Grain Review and Giveaway?

I was approached to do a trial of these products, and how could I say no?

The package arrived in the mail and WOW they sent me a few yummy things to try. They have such a selection of products, in the box I got, but also on the grocery store shelves!

I wasn’t sure what to make first, so I let my daughter decide.

I really love baking with my daughter. She is just getting to be old enough to be helpful in the kitchen, and we have fun when we do it.


This is the way the ingredients come out- plus our own melted butter and an egg of course!

We had a nice selection of baked items- and they were all tasty.

I love the presentation on these boxes.

You can feel good about their products- they donate 5% of all profits to charity! I love a company that gives to charities:)


Each box has SUPER easy instructions to follow- with everything numbered. My daughter can’t read yet, but when she does, I can see this being easy enough for her to follow.


Our experience-

We made frosting with these, and we needed some cream cheese and butter to whip that up. We had plenty of both.

The frosting-

This reminds me of that internet meme-

Good moms let their kids lick the mixers.. great moms turn them off first… HA!

Cream cheese and butter was irresistible for both of us.


We love using parchment paper- makes clean up a lot easier.


We let the cookies cool. I think I probably should have left them in another minute, but we couldn’t wait. They were delicious though.

She loved doing her own sprinkles. I liked mine without the sprinkles, so ate mine plain white.. LOTS of that cream cheese frosting.


The finished product.. for as long as they lasted. We ate them all in about 24 hours.

I can’t wait to try the next box. These were amazing. I really had set off to cook more than one thing, but it is kind of a lot of sweets at once.. HA!

Overall- really great experience. I will definitely be buying these in the future for our family. I love that these cookies have flax seed built right on in. No one in the house knew they were a little healthier than the average boxed cookie. They just tasted so good, no one even thought about it.

You aren’t going to tell them, are you?

Scratch & Grain wants you to try their delicious and simple baked goods as well. 

They have a giveaway for the same assortment we received. Enter below so you can win!

Can’t wait? (Can’t blame you!) Check them out on social media to discover where to buy their goods!

Their website- Scratch & Grain

Their Facebook page 



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