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Have you ever used a tooth powder before? I was fortunate to try the Raw Honest Charcoal Tooth Powder recently, and I have been very pleased with it.

First off- the color looks a little off putting. Who wants to rub black stuff on their pearly whites? We spend so much time trying to make our teeth look cleaner, that this seems a little silly…at first.

I was not sure what to expect. I also wanted to draft the man of the house for this experiment. He was totally up to it.

He read the instructions (!) and set about to brush his teeth.

He uses a power spin brush and he dabbed it into the powder after wetting his tooth brush.

(He actually dipped it in again, but he wouldn’t give the toothbrush back to me!! He was too excited to brush.)



This is his before shot. Now mind you, he recently had his teeth scaled and polished, so they are looking pretty good to start.


This is him in the middle of brushing. Looks kind of grody.. lol. But he was happy with it.





This is the after.

I will say, that since his teeth were just professionally cleaned a few months ago, there was not a huge difference, but he said they felt a lot cleaner. They were definitely shinier, although I think the photo did not capture that aspect. 

There is not really a strong flavor or even really texture to this powder once it gets moving on the brush.

It wasn’t goopy like toothpaste at all. Just a fine powder. I feel like it takes more time to rinse than a regular toothpaste, but this is more because you can see the residual, where I suspect white toothpaste is not as obvious- but still there…

I love that this is not a fluoride containing product. It really does clean well, and after a few days, you can feel like your teeth are getting dentist clean- but every day instead of a few times a year.

Overall, we are both very happy with this tooth powder. After a few months of this, the dental hygienist is going to think we are cheating on her;)

Thanks so much for letting us try the Raw Honest Charcoal Tooth Powder.


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