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What Happens To Your Phone after selling it to Gazelle?
Have you ever wondered what happens to your beloved digital device once you’ve given it the boot and traded it in to Gazelle? Well, it just so happens that you are at the beginning of an adventure where your smartphone gets a makeover and takes an overseas journey to meet its next user. A wonderful tale where your trade-in becomes someone else’s treasure, and never just a piece of trash, here’s how it unfolds… 

Do you have an old iPhone waiting for a new adventure? Gazelle buys used electronics for cash, even damaged ones! More than 600,000 consumers have used Gazelle to sell nearly two million gadgets. Gazelle offers trade ins for everything from smartphones to laptops to e-readers… the list goes on. So rather than let it sit lonely, collecting dust in a drawer, they’ll take it off of your hands, keep it out of the landfills, send it on a new adventure and give you money in return… what a perfect ending!