Mother’s Day fragrance deals are the best. Every year I wait to purchase new fragrances until Mother’s Day fragrance deals pop up. You can get incredible packages for great prices, and often, the gifts are a one time only deal, so it is the only time to get them. I end up keeping them all in a great big basket in the bathroom, and I try them all out one by one.

There are add on gifts, free shipping and free returns on most items, so you really can’t go wrong no matter who you are buying for.


Here are the best Mother’s Day fragrance deals from Nordstrom:

First of all- be sure to spend $125, and get this gift- a set of 4 dessert plates with purchase.


Gift with Purchase.


Then go pick out your favorite or more than one!


Tory Burch

Eau de Parfum Mother’s Day Gift Set ($172 Value) $135

Summer is here so it may be time for a new bathing suit.. a new dress or some shorts?

If you really want to take advantage, do not forget to check out the other beauty department deals as well. They are offering a lot of great packages there as well, and some deals, like those offered by Estee Lauder can piggyback on these fantastic fragrance specials! I usually stock up on makeup and skin care products as well as fragrance at Mother’s Day. I even have the option of special samples and such to add to my deals.

“Your beauty or grooming purchase entitles you to three free samples.”

This is a great way to try products by Marc Jacobs, Thierry Mugler, Ahava, Kate Somerville, Prada and Clinique- just to name a few of my favorites. Which three samples will you choose?