19- my locker number at the mammogram office


When we think of Christmas and the holidays, a mammogram is not what comes to mind. But I had the day off, and my daughter did not, and this was the moment for me.

Yes. 2 days before Christmas, I scheduled a mammogram.

(I apologize for the slightly blurry pics- I had not set out to blog about my mammogram, but after the experience- I felt I needed to!)

I am quite past due for one, and with my family history, I have ZERO excuses for not going.

-my insurance covers it 100%

-it literally took 15 minutes start to finish

-the clinic was open at 7 am


There was NO one around when I arrived so early. That was fine. I was first.

I got in right before 7 and the people in the office are super amazing. They are helpful and friendly, and clearly care about their patients. At my office, there is a waiting room like I have never seen.

Spas are not as nice as this. Pink highlights everywhere, but tasteful. Soft chairs. Nice lighting. CHANDELIERS!

There is a second waiting room where you can hang out after you have undressed for your mammogram. The changing room has a locket closet, a bench to change on. Deodorant. Wipes, a small sink. It is really beautiful, all things considered.


The robes they give you to wear are soft, waffle weave cotton and this one actually fit my ample body. I was asked to wait in the fancy waiting room while the Technologist prepared the machine. There was water in a cooler, a tv, magazines. It was softly lit.

Really, I felt calmer being in there. I was there for just a baseline, but I know this room is a very stressful place for women that are there for symptoms, cancer follow ups etc.

The Technologist was amazing. As she got me into the machine area, and manipulated my body to get the best pictures, she was educating me on the technology. She was describing everything as we went. And she was gentle, and kind.

I have had a mammogram in the past- but it was many years ago. The place was nothing like this! I also remember it was painful then. NOW- as I am told- the images are digital, and the Technologist can see the image as she takes it. So if there is an issue, she can just re-take the image. Back when I had one before- they compressed the heck out of you and contorted more so they didn’t need to miss anything in the image. There were many more bad images then.

It was not completely pleasant of course, but nothing lasted for more than a breath, so it was easy enough. After all- you WANT them to see everything in the image, to make sure you are clear of issues.

I really could not be happier with this process, and I kind of kick myself for not doing it sooner. Who knew it was so easy?

A few things to know before you go for a mammogram:

  • no deodorant or powder can be worn during testing (they had deodorant in the changing room, so you don’t leave stinky:)
  • go early- there is no waiting!
  • bring your insurance card
  • try to brush up on family history of cancer- there is a somewhat lengthy survey to fill in, and the more info, the better
  • listen to what the Technologist is saying- there are specific ways they place your body to get the best pics
  • ask questions- no one knows breast cancer like these folks. I learned new stuff when I was there, and I am pretty informed generally
  • it takes a few days for results, check in if they don’t call you
  • relax! They are there to help you.

Thanks so much to the ladies at HonorHealth today. They really made me super relaxed in an otherwise stressful situation. I was so impressed, I just wanted to blog about it, and encourage others to get there Merry Christmas, Mammogram too.

The best gift anyone can have is their health!

Update— I got the results from my doctor via email 2 hours after my mammogram– all is well. Not sure if that is normal turnaround, but it was super nice!