Ok- before I make this seem like clickbait.. I only made 25 cents.. lol. but still- Woohooo I make Money with Photography.

It wasn’t this picture.. lol

HOWEVER, I will consider this a win. I bought the new camera, and started playing with it around the house.

I blogged about that a few weeks ago. 

I searched a few places online to sell stock photos, and landed at Big Stock Photo. I have no affiliations with these guys, except as a photographer. 

YES people- now I am a photographer.. because even if it was only a quarter, I got PAID to take a picture.. lol.

It was one of the cool pictures that I uploaded, in my opinion anyway…

I certainly am not quitting my day job. 

It still feels really good though, that I created something good enough for someone to pay for it. Who knows who they are or what they did with it, but hey- if you are out there- THANKS!

It is a cool feeling.

So of course this means I need some more cool accessories for my camera.. since I am a Photographer, right? lol