I was asked to review a few products from Karen’s Naturals, and of course I had to say yes. I am always open to trying new and healthy snacks for my family.


I had no idea though, how tasty these snacks would be!

I opened the rather large box of product samples and was pretty excited to try out everything! Well, that probably would have been a bad idea.. lol. You can’t eat it all in one day after all.


I was pretty excited to try all the flavors.

Persimmons were very intriguing. I love them, but they are hard to get here for some reason. They are either over ripe or not ripe at all, and I never catch them at the right time. So having a freeze dried option gives you the best chance of catching that fresh taste, every time. I gave some to my daughter- and after looking at it sideways, she was convinced to try it. She loved the persimmons! She asked if she could have the whole bag. Who is going to say no to that?

She inhaled them.

I took the Just Veggies to work and had a few coworkers try it out with me. They all thought it was pretty tasty. One remarked it had a mostly corn flavor, and some bites I had were like that. I think it was just the mix he ended up with. I like the crunchiness and sweetness. I can really taste a fresh flavor of each type when I separate them out.. but they are a good mix together too.

Strawberry was next. I thought, and someone else at work expressed the same thing- that the strawberry smelled like the freeze dried ice cream that you get at space museums and such. I love that flavor, and the positive associations I have with that.

Very satisfying. Sweet, but not sicky sweet. The kid inhaled these as well, and asked for more. (she had not eaten her lunch and was ravenous.)

When we got home, she started ripping through the sample box asking what each one was, and if she could have it. She says to me- OHHHHH- this one is corn. I want that one next. What can I say, my kid loves her veggies.


Everything we tasted was delicious. Both finicky coworkers and the little person of the house liked all the samples. It was a pretty easy sell.

I can see these as great for lunches, snacks on the run, camping and survival foods. I really got that impression from the multi veggie mix. I do love it as a snack, but MAN the zombie apocalypse would be so much more enjoyable with a bag of the Karen’s Naturals snacks.With a shelf life of 18 months, you can wait out the brain eating monsters a long while.

Are they healthy?

YES. In fact, the thing I like most about these are the lack of sulfites and preservatives. I have so many issues when I eat dried fruit with preservatives, and this brand has really nailed it with the freeze dry process. There are all the vitamins and minerals and fiber, with no added junk.  If you are into raw food, the freeze dried products are considered raw.

The dehydrated products are heated to 125 degrees, and are not considered raw. (The Persimmons are dehydrated.. they are probably our favorite.)

Each piece has a great fresh flavor and they are satisfying to eat.

I like that there are organic and natural products to choose from. Organic is always my favorite, but my budget does not always allow it, so having options is really nice.

They are family based, and really seem to get the balance right on taste and healthiness. They sent me so much info on their brand and how they came to be- this quote really grabbed me.

When the family lost Karen a couple of years ago, they found the perfect way to honor her memory…

Commented Matt Cox recently-

“My mom lived to nurture others, and I can’t imagine a more fitting way to continue sharing that nurturing spirit than having her name on every package. Thanks to her, countless people can now enjoy nature’s most wholesome fruits and vegetables anywhere, anytime and I look forward to continuing to grow the brand she and my Dad created for at least the next 30 years.”


Check them out at their website, and on Twitter  @Karens_Naturals 

Overall, I am really impressed with Karen’s Naturals.

Now- would you like to win an assortment pack of their products? Of course you would! Enter the giveaway below so you can try the tasty treats we have been enjoying all week.


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