Jiva USDA Organic Kalonji (Nigella Sativa) Review and Recipe

 Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I am always excited to get approved to review a Jiva product- when I got approved for the Jiva USDA Organic Kalonji (Nigella Sativa) I was intrigued as well.

I really had no idea what these were, or how to make them work.. but the internet is here and I can tell you that once I ate my creation, I realized that I HAVE had Nigella Sativa before. I just didn’t know what it was.

You see, I am a huge fan of Indian food. I was introduced to it back in the day when the sub shop I worked at had an Indian food restaurant next door. We used to swap sandwiches for delightful entrees. The family would come over and we would share during slow times. It was a great experience, and I tried so many dishes and I have loved the cooking since then.

I know many of the spices in Indian food, and I have used them to infuse flavor into all types of cooking at home. So I knew that the Jiva USDA Organic Kalonji (Nigella Sativa) would be a great new experience.

As usual, I set off to create a Pinterest board of recipes to try. But the night I wanted to use them, I had not prepped any shopping lists for new recipes. So I improvised!

What I created is as follows

Nigella Sativa Cheese and Tortilla Crisp


Cheese ( I used Costco provolone)
Jiva USDA Organic Kalonji (Nigella Sativa)

I am a lazy cook as you may know.. I run loose on ingredients and cooking times and go on a whim. So the easy lazy recipe involves getting a tortilla on a pan and covering it with tin foil. Then I place the tortilla on the pan.

I throw 2 pieces of provolone on the tortilla. I sprinkle a generous helping of Jiva USDA Organic Kalonji (Nigella Sativa) seeds on the cheese.

I baked it on the toast setting of my toaster oven. I watched it carefully as the tortillas sometimes make a big bubble and touch the heating elements.. there may be fire! I want to say it was a few minutes.. but not 10.

I wanted the tortilla crispy and the cheese a little crispy too-this ensures the seeds get well baked at the same time.

Here is the result. Is it beautiful? Mmmm. Maybe not, but the flavor was insanely good.

The provolone has a mild flavor and it was perfect for the Jiva USDA Organic Kalonji (Nigella Sativa) to complement.

I ate this 3 days in a row.. It was so satisfying and easy to make. I suspect you could make several in the oven at once quite easily. You could use many cheeses. I intend to try swiss next:)

Why buy Jiva USDA Organic Kalonji (Nigella Sativa) seeds?

Well for one, I have found their prices to be insanely good. Organic ingredients can be so pricey, but I find this brand to be a high quality and organic. You can’t beat it.

Additionally, they are of very high purity, aromatic, and non irradiated or ETO treated. Pure spices just taste better!
Overall, I am in love with the Jiva USDA Organic Kalonji (Nigella Sativa). I will be using this ONE POUND container for some time, and then go buy some more. Thanks!