I was back to work this week, one day only, after being sick a week. I had a Funny Work Moment, Courtesy of Duran Duran.

I was feeling kind of mellow, and was hovering around my desk all day.

My stomach is still not in any condition to be at work, but when you are out of sick time, and the work piles up… well.. you go back. But you stay close to the toilet area.. lol. (Sorry tmi.)

I was using my Amazon Music playlists to keep me motivated.

I went through a collection of Steely Dan, determining that there were many songs I really liked, and some I did. Not. Like.

It was low key.

I play it on my phone, and keep it quiet so it doesn’t interfere with anyone’s work.

Once in awhile, when the coworkers in the immediate area are away, I will turn it up.

I was listening to Rio, and had it cranked.

Rio (2009 Remastered Version)

I really like Last Chance on the Stairway. It always makes me think of Andy Taylor, and my teen crush. 

Image result for andy taylor
borrowed from http://allstarpics.famousfix.com/pictures/andy-taylor

As it plays, one coworker pops in the area and says- DURAN DURAN.

I almost die. 

Of course, I am a lady of a “certain age.” I make no attempt to hide that at work. Never really bother about anyone else’s age… but I immediately know this guy is also of a “certain age.”


I screeched. And then we went on to discuss the Durans in some amount of detail. I felt like a kid again, discussing their kids, the merits of the bands they went off into .. and well.. you know. 

He did pretty well. I never knew a male Durannie. It was kind of fun. It was also a major flashback for me.

I did not see that one coming for sure. But coming back to work still not 100$ well, it all kind of felt surreal. The whole day was.

Never in my life, as an adult did I imagine that I would be able to have a Funny Work Moment, Courtesy of Duran Duran.