Do you Staycation or Vacation?

It is summer time, and school is out. I work, the man of the house works, and frankly, as much as we would love a week off to enjoy together, it is just not possible for us. 

We instead try to do fun activities on the weekdays, and try to plurge on a hotel staycation once or twice over the hot months.

I do love getting away to Flagstaff or Sedona for a cool off break, but it is so overwhelming to do all that driving and packing and planning.. it is exhausting to me. Not relaxing at all.

Last Friday, I decided, in the middle of the day to send our butts on a mini staycation. Literally- like at 8 am I started looking online, booked a hotel room and made the plans for after work.

Our local hotels are pretty underbooked in the summer. Because who wants to come to 115 degrees for vacation?

Not me. lol.

The local places have great pools, and deals, and I got us a room and meal deal. Because we really just wanted to swim the next day, I splurged for the extended check out time.  We don’t have a pool so the swimming was a nice treat for us.

(Looking back, I probably could have gotten that for free. Ugh.)

We were loaded up, and by 4 we were at the room, chilling in an uber cold suite, and getting our swim suits on.

It was SO nice just having some time away where no one was on their computers, or tablets. 

We also don’t have cable, so sitting together in the suite, feet propped up, after swimming, watching tv together was fun.

No washing dishes. No vacuuming or laundry. I really loved sitting by the pool and having someone bring me bloody Mary’s while Dad played with the little person.

All day. 


A staycation for 24 hours was what we needed.

Do you Staycation or Vacation?