I have been blogging for a few years now. I have taken a few good photos with my trusty old Canon point and shoot, but the thing is, I have never been really satisfied with the camera.

I have also used a more expensive version of my Canon at work, and I find the same issues- I have a hard time getting action photos. I get blurs. I get bad lighting in situations that better cameras could work with.

I have had a really expensive SLR camera in the past. (ok- I thought it was expensive)

A super popular Pentax with a variety of lenses on it.

I took some nice pictures with it over the years.

Of course, film is out folks! I haven’t used that camera since a trip to Alaska 12 years ago. 

Those days are up!

I have had a new digital camera every so often over the years, as technology improved. I usually don’t spend more than $100-$200 and that is strictly amateur land in the world of photography. 

I have made the plunge on a more expensive camera, and I can’t wait to get it. I don’t want to talk about the brand and such until I know I like it.. however- it made me wonder.

Is it possible to make money with photography?

I won’t have a set up good enough to take pictures of people or weddings or things like that. I am looking for a more passive type of process.

Can I take stock photos and cash in a little on the investment I made?

I will be using the camera to take better images of the items I review. I assume the videos will be better as well, but…

The reason I wonder- of course mainly to see if I can make some money.

That isn’t the only reason.

Back in the day, I purchased stock photos for my safety training presentations on behalf of my client.

I remember pouring over istock looking for ladder images, loading docks, tires, and other safety related images. I had a really hard time finding these. 

So, aside from istock- is anyone out there using any site to provide stock photos and making money? Clearly, I am no Ansel Adams.. I will not be taking artistic photos of mountains and trees for the most part. But I do have some access to a warehouse, and some industrial areas where photos could be taken that would be useful to a client.. it would have been useful to me anyway.. lol.

Maybe there is more demand for less exciting stuff? 

Do you make money with photography?

Any ideas are welcome. I am getting the camera delivered today and would love to hit the ground running!