Sometimes as a blogger, I get to do the coolest stuff. I recently tried some delish milk from Danzeisen Dairy. If you are local to Phoenix, Arizona, you certainly must have seen their beautiful glass milk bottles on the shelves.

When I tried their flavored milk, I was immediately hooked, and wanted to see what they were about. I emailed them and asked for a tour and the ability to promote their product for them.


They said yes!


I was able to take my family on a personal tour with  Kevin Danzeisen, the general manager of this local family dairy.


I got to see how they bottle the milk that goes to shelves in over 300 stores around town. Just as an aside- I am kind of a nerd.

I love watching How Its Made, and frankly, my favorite jobs have been in factories where machines are used to make “things” or do “things.”

A bottling plant tour is pure fun for me.



We were given our protective clothing, and we were on our way in.


The milk bottle portion of the business is pretty small when you are used to seeing mega dairy productions on tv. I was amazed and impressed with what they do in their smallish footprint.

The milk comes in and is loaded into a stainless steel tank on site.


They do a few small things to separate milk from cream.

They add a few flavors to the milk to make delights such as Root Beer, Orange, Strawberry, Chocolate and Coffee.

The yummy flavoring goes here!


The group is very proud of their minimal processing of the milk.

In fact, much of the milk equipment is sourced from the way back past.

The cream separator, for example, is straight from the 1930’s. They simply could not find a better tool to create the quality and flavor of cream that this machine makes.


This dairy uses a cold separator process which keeps more milk proteins in the milk itself, making it taste better and nullifying the need for milk thickeners. Skim milk from Danzeisen Dairy is also not blue like other brands.

We got to see one of them employees cleaning the equipment.

Next up, we saw the area where the milk is pasteurized.



This is a super quick process, heating the milk to 189 degrees, before it is returned to the ideal milk temperature of 40 degrees. Everything is monitored in a high tech way, to make sure the milk is exactly right, every time.

Did you know that every degree above 40 makes milk last a day less?

Whole milk and skim milk are given back varying additions of cream to create the perfect percentage of milk fat to give you the tasty milk you crave. 

Many dairies use a thickener to get their milk just right.. that sounds ooky.. lol..none of that here.

You can even buy the cream in many stores now.

They were out at my Fry’s last time I was there, but I will be looking for it again. I am interested in making my own flavored butter!

They have a great video on how to do this on their Facebook page.


Next stop was the bottling area.

Bottles are washed from this refreshed old timey machine, and sent through the plastic “chute” on the right, through the wall to the bottling line.

See that window on the left side? The clean bottles come from there.



The bottles move their way over and are filled.

We got to see the operation from bottle cleaning to bottle filling and capping. Such a simple process, and so amazing.

Glass bottles are then stored in their cooler, at 40 degrees of course, and they are ready to go.



The operation has their own trucks, and local distribution by another business in town. They control the timing of shipments, and the total quality of their milk right up to the stores where it is sold.

I get the very strong sense of pride that the family has in their milk.

They want it to be delicious!

Bottles come back, and the process starts again.

As a treehugger, the glass bottles make me so happy. There is a $2 return deposit on each bottle. They are collected, sent back to the dairy and cleaned for reuse.

I was a bit surprised to hear that they don’t get all the bottles back!

Frankly, I will make an extra effort to get mine back to them!

New bottles waiting for milk


Reuse is the best option for the environment after all.

(They are pretty cute though, so I could see why people want to keep them!)



At the end of the tour, we were given samples of 4 kinds of milks, and were able to try some flavored butter that they only sell at the dairy at this time.




After drooling over these, the man of the house bought the cinnamon sugar butter. I was eating some of it as I wrote this post;)


I feel like they are very vested in this community, having been here for over 50 years! It is nice to see how they are giving back.

(They even open up their building to small food truck businesses on the weekend. You can cruise up, buy from the food trucks, and eat in their little tasting room.)

I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed this visit.

The folks at the Danzeisen Dairy are so excited to share their milk with us, and what they are doing.


I asked if they wanted to do a giveaway to help increase the knowledge of their dairy.

They said yes again!

So, I have a prize package as seen here, to give to a winner in Phoenix. The only catch, is that you will need to pick it up at the dairy itself in Laveen.


The goods:

2 bottles of awesome Danzeisen Dairy Milk

2 t-shirts

2 logo glasses

and the milk carrier


I think it is super exciting, and I know you will love this milk!

Enter below, Phoenix area residents only on this one please.



I want to again, thank Kevin and Claudia, at the Danzeisen Dairy for the time they spent with us today.

I have never been given a private tour like this, and had not expected so much time for just my family. It made me feel very brand loyal to these folks for sure!

They don’t give tours often, but if you follow them on Facebook, they will post when they are doing public tours again. It was well worth the drive for us, and was a lot of fun!




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