Crazy8 has a great deal- 50% Off Entire Purchase + $12 Vests + $2.99 Tees at Crazy8


Puffer VestPuffer VestPuffer Vest

Puffer vests are all the rage with the kids this year. Be ready for a sort of cold day, with this sleeve free option. They have the pastels, solid brights and some neon like colors that are guaranteed to please any wardrobe style.

My daughter hates long sleeves over long sleeves, so this is a nice compromise for sort of cold Arizona days..

We will be checking the sales at Crazy8, because that isn’t even the best deal!

Neon Star Active TeeHeart Active Tee

We love these two shirts for $7.50 each.

Did I mention free shipping? It is like shopping the sale rack in store.. 

The best deals- the $2.99 t-shirts. We can restock for fall days, and next spring with these kind of prices- this mom shops a size up in case of growth spurts.. at this price, we can afford a few!

Elephant TeeSparkle Giraffe TeeFloral Dog Tee

Don’t wait, these deals will go fast at Crazy8!