Craft and Create with Amazon

The holidays are here, and I have to say, that cleaning my daughter’s room today- I realized she has SO many toys.

I am careful about what I buy her. I try to have open concept toys, where she needs her imagination to use the item, and she does gravitate to those things.




The other items she covets, are her crafting supplies. We have been so lucky to have markers and pencils and coloring books to review over the last year or so. She can draw until her heart is satisfied with our art area.

I think we are ready to take the crafting to the next level though. The Craft and Create with Amazon section of their store is an easy way to go.

Here are our Craft and Create ideas for Christmas  gifts:

  1. Shimmer and Sparkle Mosaics

This is a great set of characters that the little people love. My daughter is hooked on sparkles and shiny things and the $13 price tag will be well worth it for us.

2. The Wonder Forge Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Bubble Science Kit

Hello- bubbles? Need I say more?

3.  Build & Imagine: Malia’s House

This magnetic doll house looks so cool. I want to buy it so I can play with it. The possibilities are endless on this building set. Now the kids can decide how they want their play house to look. So creative.


Those are just a few great ideas. Shop Amazon’s Holiday Toy List – Craft & Create section for all the neato items that they have curated for us!