What to do When Your Cell Phone Gets Wet

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I have had the unfortunate situation- my cell phone got wet. It was in the washing machine, and since my washing machine is such a pain, I had to sit there and wait for it to decide to open so I could get my phone out..

It was in there. I could see it.. it was smacking the glass.. covered in bubbles. AND THE DOOR WOULD NOT OPEN. 

I was losing my mind.

When I got it out finally, it was not working of course. So I was off to the internet to try to find ways to bring it back to life. If only Gazelle had been there then. 

They have  some great tips to help increase your phone’s survival rate, but even if that does not work, Gazelle  can still help you. They have  ‘like new’ devices at an affordable price to replace your beloved phone.

All phones are put through an industry-leading 30-point inspection to make sure they work the way they should. They also have a 30-day risk-free return period. There are no contracts to sign. And thank goodness for that. New phone contracts make me nuts!



Even if you now know What to do When Your Cell Phone Gets Wet, you can still check out Gazelle for Certified pre-owned Samsung devices or Certified pre-owned iPhones.