So, I am not the SEO master of the universe, but I do like to use the tools I have at hand to improve my blog.

I run Google Analytics, like everyone else on Earth, but I also run Statcounter. It gives me more flexibility and ease of use. It is free. It has been on my dashboard for years.

I have always noticed some amount of difference between the two reporting pages. I chalk it up to server times, different ways of looking at the same stuff. 

Lately though, I have noticed a huge difference between the two. Like the difference between 300 visits a month and 1500. This is no small thing.

I look at the Statcounter details, and these hits are real people. They have normal profiles, and normal looking patterns of surfing my page. Somehow, they are not being recorded on Google.


Does anyone know what gives? I give out data on my stats when I do business, and wonder if someone will think it is weird that there is a difference. 

I see more people interacting on my page. I see people entering the giveaways. So I know this is a real increase, but the Google says it is flat. It makes no sense.

I think it is weird.


Has anyone else had this experience? This is a real Blogger Question.